The first day of Town Hall’s re-opening commenced with the elders discussing matters of public transit, education, and health. The elders came to the decision that the preparatory school for youth will not be receiving additional funding from the High North Council, but they will provide slightly more funding to Lauderhill University. They also invested heavily in the health of their citizens, with the opening of two health clinics; one for general wellness, and the other for reproductive health and midwifery. Public transit funding was deemed to be adequate, and they would invest less in commerce (such as restaurants) to cut back on Northlake Shores’ twenty thousand dollar deficit.

The poison potion was taking too long to kill this scum, so I had a satellite fall on her instead. But, Death being the asshole that s/he is, decided to let the townie live after one of my placeholder sims pleaded for her life. 

Oh, and did I mention that this is the same grim reaper that likes to destroy families by taking spouses and not accepting pleas for innocent lives?