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Margaret just loves tormenting denizens in local bakeries.


Freedman Hall


Freedman Hall

When you have a bunch of playables in a small space, the best course of action is to serve up some Boot juice…which would have been a lot more entertaining if you could make group servings.

Cherry: “Hoo hah haha, my Goddess is breaking the fourth wall!”


Looks like the Riverblossom Welcome Wagon approves of Cherry’s culinary tastes. After all, it is DiGiorno.

DiGiorno Pizza - it’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno

Looks like Jason Greenman likes ‘em educated and…not green.

The welcome wagon has arrived, and the fun is about to commence for this muy caliente Knowledge sim.

Leod got abducted by aliens. Apparently, this is not good news for sims who aren’t masochistic Knowledge pursuers. To remedy this, I moved Cherry Blossom into RH so she can set up her “practice” and I can test out a therapy-type scenario for my BACC world. 

Of course, that’s not all I’m trying out…muahahaha! Riverblossom Hills better watch out!

Welcome to the world, Strawberry Applesauce!

Minka thought she’d be relieved when the twins were finally kids, but she didn’t expect to deal with a whole new set of problems.

Minka: “What the hell are factor families? Don’t they let you use a calculator for this?”

Peach: “Mooomm, I’ve showed you this a million times! Geeez.”

(note to readers: Peach Applesauce has a twin brother named Fall that I have, apparently, never taken a photo of.)
(note to self: must start working on an updated family photo with Fall in it before he develops a Spare Complex.)

Nothing like an early morning cuddle to start the day. 

Nothing like an early morning cuddle to start the day.